February 17

AVVO Rated Divorce Lawyer in Tampa

AVVO Rated Divorce Lawyer in Tampa

Are you facing a divorce in Tampa and in need of expert legal guidance? Look no further than an AVVO rated divorce lawyer, where quality meets credibility. In this detailed guide, we’ll look into the benefits of AVVO ratings and how they can help you find the perfect AVVO rated divorce lawyer in Tampa.

AVVO Ratings: What is AVVO?

AVVO is a trusted online legal directory that provides comprehensive profiles and ratings for attorneys across various practice areas, including divorce and family law. These ratings are based on a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account an attorney’s experience, credentials, client reviews, and professional achievements.

The Benefits of AVVO Rated Divorce Lawyers in Tampa

  1. Objective Evaluation: AVVO ratings offer an impartial and objective evaluation of an attorney’s qualifications and track record. By relying on AVVO ratings, you can make informed decisions when selecting legal representation for your divorce case.
  2. Transparency: AVVO ratings provide transparency by offering detailed information about an attorney’s background, areas of expertise, and client feedback. This transparency allows you to assess the suitability of an attorney for your specific needs and preferences.
  3. Credibility: Attaining a high AVVO rating signifies credibility and recognition within the legal community. It indicates that the attorney has demonstrated expertise, integrity, and professionalism in their practice, giving you confidence in their abilities to handle your divorce case effectively.

How are AVVO Ratings Calculated?

Ratings are scores based on information attorneys and their peers provide and are listed in an easy to understand scale from one to ten. The algorithm takes into account several factors, including their number of years practicing law, peer reviews, client reviews, profile completeness, awards, publications and disciplinary actions.

AVVO’s rating scale includes:

  • 0-1.9: Extreme Caution
  • 0-2.9: Strong Caution
  • 0-3.9: Caution
  • 0-4.9: Concern
  • 0-5.9 Average
  • 0-6.9: Good
  • 0-7.9: Very Good
  • 0-8.9: Excellent
  • 0-10.0: Superb


In conclusion, an AVVO rated divorce lawyer in Tampa offers numerous benefits, including objective evaluation, transparency, and credibility. By leveraging AVVO ratings and conducting thorough research, you can find a qualified and reputable divorce lawyer who can effectively represent your interests. Whether you’re navigating complex legal issues or seeking guidance through the divorce process, choosing an AVVO rated divorce lawyer in Tampa can provide you with the confidence and assurance you need during this challenging time. If you need legal representation, contact Attorney Christina Mesa at 813-832-6372. You can also research lawyers in the State of Florida by contacting The Florida Bar.